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What Others Are Saying About Us

“This little light does exactly what they say it will! I’ve been trying to get rid of a persistent dog pee smell in my living room rug. I kept thinking I’d gotten it, but on the next humid day, that smell was back. I hoped this light would tell me what I was missing so once and for all we could be rid of the stink — and the light delivered! I’m a thoroughly satisfied customer. Thanks”

“Worth the extra money–we have had several other lights and they just didn’t work as well. This light has been really helpful and really gives me peace of mind while potty training a new puppy!”

“Fast delivery, tracking, and UV light works exceptionally well for stain detection.”

“Crazy effective stain-finder, and top-notch customer service!”

“Order arrived quickly and in good condition. Seller provided helpful information – good customer service. Thank you.”

“The item was exactly as described and arrived promptly. Their customer service is excellent. I think they go out of their way to provide more quality products than other makers of these urine detection products.”

“Nice lamp for finding pee. As described, nicely packaged and arrived as stated.”

“As described… courteous customer service. Excellent.”

“Followed up with us multiple times, first to deliver the e-manual for the blacklight, then to ensure that the item was delivered and received by me. Will buy from them again!”

“Speedy delivery and am impressed with how it works. I am not educated in how ultraviolet lights work, but this one outperforms others I have tried. I guess I was fooled into thinking a purple light is standard when it is ultraviolet, but found out the PeeDar gives a new meaning to that term, for me anyway.”

“Really shocked me to see where the puppy had snuck off to, to do his business. This tool is very important for pet or potential-pet owners, Works really well.”

“My wife and I got a pet specific little black light (not the one this feedback is for) a while ago. It proved absolutely pointless in finding stains. I decided (against my better judgement) to give this black light a shot. Wow! This thing works amazing. It lights up stains (even old ones) like a christmas tree.”

“Great product and absolutely super service from vendor.”

“great seller. received very fast. got 4 emails with advice on use of product.”

“Order was delivered as expected and on time. The product was well packaged to avoid damage in transit. Happy Customer.”

“This really works–you’ll see things you may wish you couldn’t! LOL”

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