True Black Light

True Black Light 365nm UV Wavelength Makes Invisible Pet Stains Glow In The Dark!

Low Visible Light

Stronger Fluorescence From Very Low ‘White’ Light Emission

Wide Even Beam

Wide Even Beam Finds Stains More Easily

Product ID Numbers: D9C-1A-365-370UV / 820103235792

PeeDar is THE solution you need for quickly and easily finding pet stains in your home. Engineered specifically for pet urine detection and exclusively sold on

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PeeDar Features

  • Powerful Reflective 9 LED Array
  • Ideal 365-370nm UV Wavelength For Pet Stains
  • Low Visible Light Optimizes Stain Visibility
  • Uses 3 Regular AAA Batteries (NOT Included)
  • Ultra-Portable (29x93mm, 60g)
  • Long Life LEDs (100,000 Hrs)
  • Long Running Time (5 Hrs)
  • Tough & Water Resistant Outer Casing

PeeDar Pet Urine Detector

“I purchased a different UV light that had 51 LEDs and it was a great black light but didn’t show any kind of urine or protein stain. The PeeDar flashlight does exactly what it says it would! I could easily see urine stains from our dog. Plus, beware of taking it into you bathroom! You’ll be deep cleaning like I did!”

S. Tolle5 Stars - Really Works!

Why The PeeDar?

Fed up with cheap UV Flashlights that don’t work? Think the only way to find pet stains is with $200+ professional solutions?

Discover why we think the PeeDar is the perfect solution for the average home pet owner…

We’ve taken care of many animals over our lifetime, including a blind cat. So we’ve had a lot experience with urine stains around the house. We started off using some of the cheap LED 395nm UV flashlights available on the market and found they just didn’t work effectively enough. And with not being prepared to spend the huge sum on a professional UV flashlight, searching for a pet stains became a frustrating experience.

But we figured there had to be something that would work for the home market; provide decent results without the big price tag. After extensive R&D and product testing, we finally developed what is now called the PeeDar!

What makes the PeeDar different is that is uses a much more appropriate UV wavelength range (365-370nm). The other cheap flashlights on the market use higher wavelengths of around 395-400nm which simply won’t cause many stains to actually fluoresce, plus another issue is this wavelength of light outputs significant light in the visible spectrum which will washout any fluorescing stains making them harder to see. The PeeDar circumvents these issues while keeping the price down.

365nm UV LED’s are a lot more costly to manufacturer compared with the standard 395nm LED’s used in competing products. As a result the PeeDar contains less LED’s but despite this, it is still much more effective. Some completing UV Flashlights have as many as 51(!) LED’s all in the 395-400nm wavelength. Do not fall victim to this marketing tactic of many LED’s; if they are not the right wavelength it doesn’t matter how many it has.

Try the PeeDar today and SEE the difference!

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2 Year Guarantee!

We’re one of only a few UV flashlight sellers on Amazon to offer a Full 2 Year Guarantee & returns policy. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with the PeeDar you can return it, no-hassle, for a 100% refund. (Please note: outward shipping and the return shipping is not included)

  • Optimum UV Wavelength

    The PeeDar has an optimum 365-370nm UV wavelength range for detecting invisible urine stains.

  • Tough & Water-Resistant Construstion

    A tough, water-resistant and solid body constructed with quality components assembled in a leading flashlight manufacturing environment. PeeDar meets CE & ROHS standards.

  • Works With Many Surfaces

    Strongly fluoresces dried urine on wide range of surfaces, e.g. short or long-pile carpets, wooden flooring, ceramic, concrete, leather and more!

  • Low Visible Light Emited

    The PeeDar outputs very low amounts of visible light ensuring near zero masking of UV fluorescence, making pet stains much more visible.

  • Even Light Beam

    The PeeDar’s light beam is evenly spread creating no under or over lit areas. This helps make stains much easier to see against backgrounds & each other. Competing products often have a harsh spot in the middle of the output light which makes seeing stains a challenge.

  • Distinguish Different Stain Types

    The low 365-370nm wavelength range makes it easier to distinguish different stain types. The PeeDar can show a variety of fluorescent colors – a true black light creates beautiful light greens, yellows, rich dark reds & more!

  • Uses Simple Regular Batteries

    The PeeDar uses 3 regular AAA batteries (NOT included). Many competing products use hard-to-find and costly batteries.

  • Long 5hr Run Time

    The PeeDar has a very useful long 5 hour run time – plenty for when searching for those pet stains!

  • Very Small & Portable

    The PeeDar is very small & portable making it super convenient. PeeDar dimensions: 96x30mm, 60 grams.

What Are Customers Saying?

“Received our PeeDar today and tested it at our veterinarian clinic. I must say it does light up urine as well as other biological stains. After a brief scan of the exam rooms, my staff now has at task lots of cleaning of missed spots on walls and baseboards where some male dogs left their mark. This is an excellent product to find accidents in the carpet, the floor, on furniture, etc. A great tool to have on hand when puppy training, to identify a cat marking territory or accidents from a geriatric pet. Once problem areas are identified, you can then use an odor neutralizer to remove the stain and odor.”

Debra GarrisonVeterinary Practitioner

“Wow – This thing works well but you need to be prepared for the results. I found much more pee than I had planned. We have an older cat that just loves to go in our bedroom.

It is simple to use and seems very well made … If you are ready to find some pee – you need this thing.”

Rob & ShelleyThe Pee Detective - It Works!

“I was hesitant to order this detector light knowing what it might reveal, but I knew I had to take care of whatever I found. When it arrived, I put three AAA batteries in right away and went on my hunt. The flashlight itself is a very nice metal and very sturdy feeling, without being too heavy. To my relief, I didn’t find anything on my decorative rug in the living room, but it was interesting to see what little specks glowed (mostly white lint). In the bedroom though, I found two spots which I never would have known about. I was really surprised since my dogs are usually not in there when I’m not there, so I’m not sure when the accidents happened. Also, one spot that I knew about and thought was clean, I found faintly glowing, so I now I know I have to clean that area again. Downstairs where my dogs are during the day, I was pleased to see no glowing spots at all. It turns out, I’m really happy I got this detector – I found accident spots that I didn’t know about and didn’t find any where I thought they would be. The light really shows the spots well and now I know exactly how big an area to clean instead of guessing, and I don’t have to clean the area downstairs like I thought I did. That would have been a big job, so the light saved me hours of unnecessary work and cleaning products, not to mention a large area downstairs that would have been damp for a day or so. Now I’m off to tackle the actual dirty spots till they glow no more!”

Tahlulah BananaYikes, this works too well!

Many Other Uses

The PeeDar is also excellent for many other applications:

  • Organic Stain Detection (blood, semen, etc.)
  • Scorpion Hunting
  • Examining Minerals in Rocks
  • Hotel Inspection
  • Security – Cash & Card Fraud
  • Leak Detection
  • Forensic Analysis
  • And Lots More!

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The PeeDar emits a strong UV beam. This product is not a toy. Ultra Violet rays can be harmful; it is very important you keep the PeeDar out of reach from children. IMPORTANT: The UV beam must NOT be directly shone at eyes. Wearing UV protective glasses is recommended. Avoid shining the UV beam directly at skin for prolonged periods of time.