PeeDar & PeeDar 2.0, with AAA Alkaline Batteries

How To Correctly Install Batteries In My PeeDar Or PeeDar 2.0 UV Flashlight

If you're getting frustrated at not seeing any light after placing the batteries in your brand new PeeDar, or PeeDar 2.0, don't worry, it could well be that you've simply put them in wrong. So long as you have all the necessary working components this is a relatively easy and quick task to complete! Firstly, check you've got the correct batteries. This is essential, incorrect batteries can lead to markedly reduced operating times or low/no glows. They'll need to be fully, or near-fully charged, Read more [...]
AAA single use Alkaline, 8650 Lithium-ion rechargeable & C Alkaline single use batteries

What Batteries Are Best For My PeeDar UV Flashlight?

You've just bought your brand new PeeDar and are starting to instantly discover loads of previously invisible stains, but perhaps you're wondering if there are more powerful, longer lasting batteries that could help you spot even more. Batteries are a key part of your PeeDar UV flashlight, they hugely impact the strength and consistency of emitted ultra violet light. The more UV output the better and easier stains are to spot, but with the massive range of batteries out there what exactly are the Read more [...]

Do I Need UV Glasses When Looking For Invisible Pet Stains With UV Flashlights?

UV is an incredibly effective light source for detecting a wide variety of invisible stains, as well as creating some intriguing visuals. Our PeeDar range of specialised UV urine detecting flashlights provide a real bang for your buck, and after seeing the power outputted customers often ask about whether eye protection is required. We decided to try and create a useful resource to refer back to when contemplating the need for UV protection whilst stain hunting with any black light. Please read Read more [...]
UV fluorescence

Why Does UV Light Make Things Glow?

Ultraviolet light creates some really strange and beautiful glows from all kinds of surfaces, yet not everything lights up. So, why does UV light make things glow? Fluorescence under UV involves some interesting physics associated with parts of atoms called electrons... Starting with the basics, typical household ultraviolet lights, whether tube, bulb or LED, all emit light that falls into the part of the electromagnetic spectrum next to the visible (400-700nm) section called ultraviolet. Read more [...]
uv light on scorpion

The PeeDar & Its Many Other Uses…

So, you've become an ace urine detection agent in your own home, and perhaps now you're wondering if there is anything else this handy little UV torch does. The mighty PeeDar doesn't just find urine stains. Oh no, this wee beauty is capable of much more depending upon your interests and needs! Feast your eyes on the PeeDar's multiple potential uses below: Locates other types of household animal and owner stains (often used in hotel cleanliness inspections) e.g. Semen, vaginal fluid, saliva, Read more [...]

Black Light Flashlight Tips – Never Miss A Pet Stain Again.

Pet urine is utterly repulsive on the best of days, and particularly embarrassing when having guests around – especially if it’s a dinner party! You know your cat or dog has sprayed/urinated in the house somewhere, but can’t seem to find the evidence. You've got your PeeDar – now there is NO NEED to slowly crawl around your house on your hands and knees feeling the ground for wet patches, looking for feint discolorations and sniffing the air for something disgusting. Just follow UES’s Read more [...]