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Many thanks for stopping by the Urine Eradication Systems Blog. If you own pets and the constant stench of their invisible pee stains have been driving you mad, then sit back…. and relax – you’ve come to the right place!

Starting from now, and over the coming months (and years!) we’ll be jam-packing this blog with loads of the latest cutting-edge, insightful and powerful, practical free urine locating and eradication advice.

Much of this information won’t have been available on the web before. We’ll be finding the truths to questions you always wanted to know, and are looking forward to finding solutions to any questions you may have! Our aim is to arm you with the longest-lasting, effective and cheap tools and methodologies known so you have the all the confidence you need to combat your pet stain problem fast and efficiently, and for good! So, on that note come and visit this blog weekly for the latest essential advice covering:

  • Simple, easy, powerful techniques helping you make the most of your brand new, cutting-edge technology PeeDar device.
  • Super easy ways on how to find the many other types of dirty invisible household stains.
  • Time-tested, proven stain removal techniques, workable on any surface for any budget, whatever your skill level.
  • Techniques the professionals use to rid your house of all urine issues, once and for all. In particular think “behavior”!
  • PeeDar’s many other exciting uses, from finding scorpions and detecting leaks in your home to gemstone illumination and forensics among may others.
  • Competitions and polls where you can ask questions and have your say.

Here’s to personal empowerment in the face of determined urine smells, it’s now your time to make your home  a pee-free zone!

Best regards

Urine Eradication Systems Team

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