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The PeeDar & Its Many Other Uses…

So, you’ve become an ace urine detection agent in your own home, and perhaps now you’re wondering if there is anything else this handy little UV torch does.

The mighty PeeDar doesn’t just find urine stains. Oh no, this wee beauty is capable of much more depending upon your interests and needs! Feast your eyes on the PeeDar’s multiple potential uses below:

Locates other types of household animal and owner stains (often used in hotel cleanliness inspections) e.g. Semen, vaginal fluid, saliva, sweat, faeces, vomit, blood

Crime scene stain identification:

Particular animal stains (e.g. those listed above)
Fingerprints (in conjunction with crime scene fluorescent powder)
Invisible ink (property marking/hidden messages)
Narcotics (e.g. cocaine, amphetamines, MDMA tablets)

Scorpion eradication: other species that fluoresce include crayfish and centipedes

Non-destructive testing –  (much more powerful lights are generally needed) e.g. can highlight material inconsistencies in building/vehicle supporting structures

Animal contamination surveys – on property e.g. rat or mouse infestations

Security investigations – can highlight:

False documents/cards
False bank notes
False artwork
Invisible marks/messages

Plumbing leak detection – e.g. via fluorescent dyes placed in drainage system
Mineral fluorescence – e.g. gypsum, agate and amber
UV parties – many stores now supply paraphernalia that glows at parties

As you can see, UV actually has a vast amount of uses, both domestically as well as commercially. Many of the uses here are complex to describe, which is why I’ll be making special feature posts on each of these topics over the coming months. We hope you enjoyed them!

Best regards

Urine Eradication Systems Team

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